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Click here to download the W-APPD Research Grant Proposal Form.

The Western Region of the Association of Pediatric Program Directors (W-APPD) plans to use regional dues for the purpose of supporting resident/fellow-initiated research. Through monetary support from these funds, resident/fellow physicians will be able to conduct and/or present original research that pertains to and directly affects pediatric resident/fellow education.

Of the total revenue from W-APPD regional dues, we propose to utilize $3000 each year for research project funding (three 1-year projects; $1000/project). Funding decisions will be made by the W-APPD Research Selection Committee, which is comprised of members of W-APPD, including chair, vice-chairs and other members as deemed necessary by the region. The Research Selection Committee responsibilities and methods for considering proposed research projects to be funded are listed in the sections below.

Eligible Projects
Projects to be considered for funding must be initiated, designed, and executed by resident/fellow physicians enrolled in W-APPD pediatrics training programs. One resident/fellow physician should be identified as principal investigator (PI). The subject matter for such research initiatives must pertain to resident/fellow education. Proposals that seek advancement in knowledge pertaining to resident/fellow education in the realms of practice-based learning and systems-based practice will have a priority.

The Research Selection Committee will accept proposals from April 1 until June 1 of each academic year; final deadline is June 1, 11:59 PM (Eastern time). Proposals will follow a standard form (see Appendix) and are limited to no more than 4 typed pages (excluding general information and research mentor CV).

Selection Process
Each Research Selection Committee member will review all proposals. If a member of the Research Selection Committee feels that, because of prior knowledge of the proposal (related to institutional affiliation or relationship with PI), he/she cannot judge on an unbiased basis, the Committee member will ask to be recused from participation for that particular proposal.

For purposes of proper peer review, the Committee members will individually appraise each proposal and rate them based on a scale measuring specific areas of merit as well as overall quality. Guidelines for the evaluation and grading of the submitted proposals are aligned with NIH scoring system (1 to 9, with 1 representing the best score). Core review criteria include:

  • Significance
  • Approach
  • Environment/Research Mentor

In addition to the 3 core criteria, each proposal will have a rating based on its overall quality and merit as to its likelihood for fostering future research endeavors in the realm of resident/fellow education.

These ratings will be compiled for each proposal and the tabulated results compared. The three proposals with the highest scores will each be eligible for up to $1000 based on the submitted budget. In the event that additional funds remain after naming these three proposals, further grants may be awarded. Funding payments will be dispersed no later than July 1 and will be directed to the program of the PI. All applicants will receive a short review summary.

Expectation of Funded Proposals
It is expected that projects that receive funding be completed within the remaining academic year. It is a requirement of the Program Director (PD) of the resident/fellow receiving funding that the PD ensure the research effort is maintained and completed on this timeline; no extensions will be granted. It is expected that the results of this research will be presented at either the APPD National Meeting (Spring) or at the W-APPD Regional Meeting (Fall) the following academic year. Resident/Fellow PIs are encouraged to submit the study results for peer-reviewed publication. Funding of research does not imply or mandate ownership of the research outcomes by W-APPD.

Research Proposal Components
The following four sections must be included in the research proposals:

  1. General Information
    1. Project Title and Program Name
    2. PI contact information
    3. Research Mentor contact information
  2. Project Description
    1. Specific Aims. with related hypotheses
    2. Background / Significance
    3. Methods, with sampling, procedures, data collection, analytic plan
    4. References
  3. Budget (for one-year research period) and Budget Justification
    1. Budget can include costs for travel to APPD meeting
    2. Budget cannot include indirect costs
  4. Research Mentor CV

This document is adapted from similar documentation generated by the Mid-Atlantic Region of the APPD (version dated October 28, 2009 and approved by APPD).

Click here to download the W-APPD Research Grant Proposal Form.

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